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High Tech Magnets Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of magnetic downhole oilfield toolsutilized in the oil and gas industry since 1998. Our business structure consists of ManufacturingSales and Rental Tools.
Rental Services & Sales
Fishing Magnets

Run in open or cased hole to retrieve any object having a magnetic attraction, fishing magnets may be run on wireline, coil, or pipe. Metal objects such as bit cones, bearings, tong pins, slips or any other metal contamination is easily retrieved from a well bore.


High Tech Magnets proven design features a solid one piece body with high volume circulation ports, and Rare Earth inserts. No charging units required, no welded or threaded bodies to crack, and no replacement parts. These state of the art designed fishing magnets will pass the most stringent re-inspections period.

Rental Services & Sales
Ditch & Shakerbox Magnets

Utilized in drilling or milling operations on workover or drilling rigs these magnets are a very cost effective solution to keeping your drilling fluids clean. The removal of mill cuttings or any other form of metal contamination prevents costly repairs to pumps and any other equipment used within your well.

Rental Services Only
Perforating Gun Magnets

Perforating gun magnets are designed to run under any style of perforating gun in order to collect metal debris at the time of firing. This magnet will attach all metal particles, with a draw of 8 inches per side, and can be used in deviated, horizontal, and vertical wells.

This tool has been used successfully when perforating on top of WR plugs without having sand dumped on top of the plug first. It has also been used in wells where submersible pumps will be used.

Sales Services
Stainless Steel Washover Shoe 

The stainless washover shoe magnet is designed with a large bore I.D. and can be threaded into any washover assembly. It is highly recommended and advised to thread 4140 HTSR steel ends to protect the stainless steel housing. Both ends have not been threaded so that the customer can choose which wash pipe thread to cut.

Rental Services Only
Circulating Magnets

Circulating magnets are designed to be used during or after well stimulation, milling, well perforation, window cutting, confirmation or most any intervention runs. Circulating well bore fluids will not remove all metal contamination contained within the well bore. Circulating magnets are a very cost effective solution

in keeping your well bore clean before and during completions, window milling or any other intervention procedures.


Manufactured from 4140 HTSR steel tool joints, the stainless tubing section houses Rare Earth magnet inserts. The magnet section has a very powerful draw that collects metal contamination, specifically large debris that cannot be carried to the surface with fluid circulation alone. This magnet will not lose circulation or become stuck downhole from large amounts of metal contamination collected.

Sales Services
Sump Magnets

Sump magnets are installed in any fluid systems including mud tanks, hydraulic tanks, return troughs or any other return fluid systems. They may be installed in permanent or removable applications. 

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