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Fishing Magnets


Manufactured from 4140 HTSR, these steel bodies house a magnetic Rare Earth insert. Our standard HTM-SD1 style is a 2 piece design and is being discontinued and discounted.


Since 2013 HTM’s is now manufacturing 4140 HTSR solid body fishing magnets. The entire main body from pin connection to the flush guide attachment is machined in one complete piece. 

Value Added Advantages

No chargers required, no welded or threaded bodies to crack, no replacement parts and absolutely no welds. This proven design will pass the most stringent re-inspections upon usage, period.


Solid 4140 HTSR body with magnetic Rare Earth magnet insert.

Models numbers




Fishing Magnets 3.5" thru 10"

Fishing Magnets 11" thru 17" 

Fishing Magnets Mill Guide 3.5" thru 10"

Fishing Magnets Lip Guide 3.5" thru 10"

Fishing Magnets Mill Guide 11" thru 17"

Fishing Magnets Lip Guide 11" thru 17" 

AMMT Fishing Magnet

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