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About Us

We have been designing and manufacturing specialty magnets for the Oil & Gas Industry since 1998. Based just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we continue to build the highest strength-to-weight ratio magnets available to the industry.

HighTech Magnets began when the first perforating gun magnet was created.

This design, which had not been seen before within our industry, is still successfully collecting metal debris today. Since its conception our perforating and circulating magnets have been utilized in over 10,000 wells with unparalleled success. Our magnets are the best possible well intervention solutions to keeping your well bores clean. Permanet magnets, known as Rare Earth Magnets, do not need to be recharged and lose less than 2 percent of their strength over 100 years.


These tools save you thousands of dollars on equipment repairs and lost production by removing metal debris before well completion.

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